A Koan is a paradox – a tool used in Zen meditation to transcend reason and force the realisation of a sudden, intuitive enlightenment.

who we are

We are a research-driven advisory firm. We combine legal, economic and investments expertise, and continuously engage with decision makers to deliver on client mandates in India. We are lean, quality-driven and results-oriented, and count some of the world's largest companies as our clients.

Why we Exist

India is at the centre of a redefinition of global economic power. Given domestic complexities, there is constant flux in its business and political landscape. There is a dynamic interplay between the private and the public, the internal and external, the local and global. We help stakeholders interested and invested in India, to anticipate and successfully respond to this dynamism.

Our expertise

Research based advocacy

We help shape and articulate advocacy objectives, leveraging in-house domain expertise.

Coalition Building

We connect stakeholders, multiply voices and drive consensus to meet long-term business goals.

Thought Leadership

We combine insights from our professional networks with out-of-the-box thinking.

Investment Advisory

We leverage our networks to help clients secure finance and source projects.


We believe in hitting the ground running. Our multidisciplinary team of domain experts helps us to ensure just that.

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  • Vivan Sharan
  • Raghav Priyadarshi
  • Prachi Arya
    Head of Legal
  • Dr. Vikash Gautam
    Lead Economist
  • Yash Bajaj
    Programme Associate
  • Mohit Kalawatia
  • Trishi Jindal
  • Priyesh Mishra
  • Sidharth Deb
  • Durgesh Pawar
  • Nikhil Goveas
    Head of Special Projects
  • Vijay Kumar
    Administrative Assistant
  • Dr. Rishabh Kumar
  • Aditya Agarwal
  • Rajrishi Singhal
  • Dr. Samir Saran
  • Dr. Pushpendra Rai


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