Vivan Sharan


Vivan steers our advocacy initiatives. Previously, he has served as the CEO of the Global Governance Program at the Observer Research Foundation, and as Business Head of a sustainability company that ran India’s first energy efficiency index on the Bombay Stock Exchange.

Raghav Priyadarshi


Raghav steers our investment mandates. Previously, he served as Director at a merchant bank, handling corporate finance mandates and tailoring government interface for clients. Additionally, he is Director of Savikalpa Group, a hospitality business with projects in South Asia.

Prachi Arya

Head of Legal

Prachi steers our legal research. She has prior experience practicing at the High Court of Delhi and the Supreme Court of India. She has worked on seminal cases including M.L. Sharma v. Union of India and Shreya Singhal v. Union of India. Previously, she worked at the Centre for Internet and Society.

Dr. Vikash Gautam

Lead Economist

Vikash steers our economic research. He has extensive research and teaching experience at the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Indian Institute of Management, Institute of Capital Markets, and Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research.

Yash Bajaj

Programme Associate

Yash works on our advocacy initiatives. He was previously a Legislative Aide to an Indian Member of Parliament. He has worked on formulating a Right to Services legislation and has also drafted a Constitution Amendment Bill to fortify the right to appeal before the Supreme Court in all cases of death penalty.

Mohit Kalawatia


Mohit works on several emergent areas at the intersections of technology and law. A lawyer and commerce graduate by training, his interests include digital payments, financial markets, and corporate governance.

Trishi Jindal


Trishi is a lawyer, whose work focus includes intellectual property and competition. She is interested in Constitutional Law and legal theory, and their intersections with emerging technologies.

Priyesh Mishra


Priyesh monitors legislative reform and parliamentary activities. A lawyer by training, he previously served as Legislative Assistant to an Indian Member of Parliament, drafting India's first comprehensive legislation on Genocide - The Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide Bill, 2016.

Sidharth Deb


Sidharth is a lawyer who works on areas relating to information technology, and the future of convergence regulations. Previously he has been associated with the Centre for Communication Governance and the Centre for Internet and Society.

Nikhil Goveas

Head of Special Projects

Nikhil leads our social responsibility initiatives and helps clients tailor CSR projects. Previously, he worked with the National Institute of Urban Affairs, subsequent to garnering experience working with farmer’s organizations in rural Rajasthan.

Ketan Gupta


Ketan is a statistician with a flair for analytics. He helps us interpret large data sets and market behaviour. He also volunteers with a leading NGO to help make cities safer through crowd-sourced data.

Vijay Kumar

Administrative Assistant

Vijay is an indispensable part of our team, and renders administrative support to various projects and programmes.

Aditya Agarwal


Aditya is an investment banker, currently leading investments and corporate affairs for the Hinduja Group, a US$ 35 billion conglomerate. He has previously worked at Lehmann Brothers, UBS, Barclays Capital and Kotak Mahindra Bank.

Ashok Malik


Ashok has a background in media and was a journalist till 2006, working with The Telegraph, Times of India, India Today and The Indian Express. He has since been an independent columnist and commentator on India’s politics and policy making. He was awarded the ‘Padma Shri’ civilian honour in 2016.

Samir Saran


Samir is a Vice President at the Observer Research Foundation and a frequent commentator on issues in Cyber Security and Governance. He is also the India Chair of the Civil BRICS Initiative, and chairs ‘CyFy’, India’s dedicated conference on cyber security and internet governance.

Dr. Rishabh Kumar


Rishabh is an experienced economist who collaborates with us on innovative public policy research. His work has appeared in various academic journals and policy forums such as Economic and Political Weekly, Ideas for India and