Seminar on Content Delivery Networks, 04 August, 2017

Koan Advisory helped coordinate an event on Content Delivery Networks at the National Institute for Public Finance and Policy on 04 August 2017. The agenda and snapshot are shared below.

With 422.19 million subscribers, India represents the second largest internet user base in the world, and by 2020, this number is expected to increase to 730 million. Internet traffic in India is also expected to grow commensurately, from 1.2 exabytes per month to 4.7 exabytes per month , and multimedia, particularly video, will account for a large share of this growth in bandwidth consumption. Today, video constitutes 57 percent of bandwidth consumption in India, and is expected to increase to 76 percent by 2021. This ever-increasing rate of consumption will require a significant shift in how internet traffic is delivered.

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are a key infrastructure component for Internet Service Providers and Content Platforms to scale efficiently to meet this constant increase in demand. As geographically distributed platforms, CDNs facilitate delivery of media-rich web content to all manner of internet-connected devices – from the smallest phone to the largest 4k TV. CDNs bring efficiencies into networks while driving down costs and congestion. This seminar examined how CDNs bring value to networks, discussed best practices and drew from relevant experiences from other regions.

Speaker profile:
Michael K. Smith is the Director of APAC Interconnection for Netflix and leads the team responsible for building strategic partnerships between Netflix and service providers in the Asia-Pacific region. Mr. Smith has been involved in Internet engineering, operations and governance since 1995 and is passionate about promoting the growth and stability of the Internet while helping make it an accessible resource for everyone. Mr. Smith holds a Master’s Degree in Japanese Studies from the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington.